Celebrating God’s Design in a Rare Genetic Disorder

I wish my daughter had come with an instruction manual. The manual would include chapters like:

  • “Songs to Sing When ‘Jesus Love Me’ Makes Your Infant Scream”
  • “How to Pretend You’re Happy When You haven’t Slept for Months”
  • “Where to Hide Chocolate for Yourself When You Don’t Want Your Child to Binge on It”
  • “How to Invest in Coloring Book Stock”
  • “Christian Words to Say to Your Neighbor Who Forbids Her Child from Playing with Yours”
  • “Best Places to Buy Soft Clothing Without Tags or Drawstrings”
  • “Length of Time Your Child Can…

My Anecdotes of Mental Health Care Needs and Presidential Candidates Political Antidotes

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My Anecdotes

I wrestled the metal pick out of my fifteen-year-old foster daughter’s hand preventing her from stabbing herself further. I placed her in the lock hold we had been taught in our foster parenting classes while my seventeen year old called 9–1–1. I eased us down to sit on the gravel road as I held her tightly. City police arrived first and informed us they could not help but would call the county patrol before they drove away. The county sheriff showed up next and informed us there was…

Parenting a Child with Mental Illness with Purpose and Not Fear

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A year ago Rose tried to commit suicide. The event capsulated nine years of mood swings, melt-downs, insomnia, obstinance, impulsiveness, anxiety and depression.

Fear wove itself into the fabric of my parenting.

I avoid things that cause her anxiety — extra curricular activities, stores, restaurants, large gatherings of people.

I pick and choose my battles — and the battles I don’t choose often hurt or haunt me.

I parent as if I’m walking through a minefield — afraid that she will explode, harm herself or others if I step…

Internet Gaming Addiction and the Five Stages of Grief

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My ten-year-old is an addict. She holds her 5-inch dragon in her hands as it scorches her joy with its fiery breath.

Her dragon is a phone. Her addiction is gaming.

Once my husband and I realized that her dragon wasn’t a cute friendly pet — we tried to tame it by setting time limits, which only made its control over Rose stronger. We quickly stuck a sword in it’s heart and killed it — going completely cold turkey with phone usage.

I scheduled nothing for myself the first week of…

Gaming Addiction in Children with Mental Health Disorders

Image by Michal Renčo from Pixabay

Rose loves her dragon. It breathes fire into her soul, fries her brain, and destroys her freedom. It fits in the palm of her hands, yet it controls her thoughts, friendships, emotions, and behaviors. The dragon that took over her life is a phone —

My ten-year-old is a internet gaming addict.

I’ll admit, I liked her dragon; fed it daily. When she was playing with it she wasn’t following me around the house begging me to buy her a new toy; I could talk in complete sentences on the phone without…

A Bible Study on the Life of Timothy

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It’s not easy, in this generation, to raise a child who loves the Lord with their heart, mind, soul, and strength. It’s even harder when you’re doing it without the help of the father. God is not silent on the issue. In fact, He gives us a great example in the story of Timothy. Pick up a journal and study it with me:

Acts 16: 1–3 ESV

Paul came also to Derbe and to Lystra. A disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer, but…

God Weaves Three Women’s Lives Together for One Little Girl

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“A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart” Eccl 4:12

Strand One

“You need to abort the baby.” Both the second and third doctors encouraged the same thing.

“She really can’t physically or emotionally deal with the birth of this baby.”

“Besides, the medications that she is on will harm the baby and the baby will surely be born deformed, have serious issues, or it could even be a stillborn birth.”

“It’s cruel to make her go through the pregnancy and labor, you have to abort.”

I looked at my…

A Sign of the Times

She straddles the hedge with her five inch stilettos and knocks on the window to gain his attention. Their eyes meet and he smiles, admiring her beauty through the pane. He notes her long legs, her classy maroon dress, her waving blond hair, but mostly he can’t take his eyes off the black cap and tassel on her head. She returns his smile, waving furiously as she steps back over the hedge and her heels sink into the grass. Pointing to her cell phone, she pushes speed dial.

“You look beautiful like that,” he says…

A Book Club for Moms With Challenging Kids

Join me in reading and discussing “Different” by Sally and Nathan Clarkson.

I was introduced to her writing at the first homeschool fair I attended and she was one of my role models — just that much ahead of me in training up her kids for the Lord via homeschooling.

As God placed it on my heart to write about raising a child with mental illness for the glory of God, I began researching other books with this same message. They are far and few between. Then I ran across “Different” co-written by Sally and her son Nathan.

They write the book from the…

How do you deal with rude strangers when your child melts down in public?

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

Dear Lorene,

My 6 year old has horrible tantrums at the grocery store. People expect a 2 or 3 year old to throw themselves on the floor and scream and kick, but my child is 6! He has special needs, but no one knows that because he looks normal. All they see is his horrific behavior. People are so rude and it makes me want to cry. How do I deal with strangers who are rude when my son is having a melt-down in public?


Lorene Piñero

Writer, Speaker, Mental Health Advocate — Sharing hope and peace through the knowledge of God in the midst of parenting a child with mental health disorders.

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